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Phlebotomy Notes: Pocket Guide To Blood Collection

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Phlebotomy Notes: Pocket Guide To Blood Collection is an extremely informative and handy guide to have at your fingertips.

As the name suggests, it's a pocket-sized guide which gives you quick access to the most important phlebotomy related information and procedures.

And what sets this apart from all the other reference guides is that it's waterproof and reusable, meaning you can carry it with you in the lab, quickly jot down important notes (and wipe them off when done) and more!

Phlebotomy Notes Features

This handy little guide covers just about everything a phlebotomist needs to know and is small enough to carry on you at all times. So, whether you're studying to become a phlebotomist or you're a seasoned veteran, this is certainly a valuable resource!

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