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Coconino Community College
Program: Phlebotomy Certificate
Location: 2800 S. Lone Tree Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001-2701
Phone: (928) 226-4323

To gain entries into the phlebotomy field, prospective students must undergo an extensive training program, accumulating 28 hours of classroom time before proceeding with entry-level national certification. Students are expected to complete basic algebra and computer literacy courses for work in a clinical environment, as well as human anatomy, basic phlebotomy practicum and procedures, and medical terminology classes. Students will also be introduced to the procedures and practices of the U.S. healthcare system, professionalism in healthcare environments, and healthcare ethics.

After completing this program, phlebotomists-to-be will be able to draw blood with minimal to no pain to the patients, as well as interact on a caring, compassionate level with patients who are under stress, nervous, upset, or anxious. For patients who are afraid of needles, phlebotomists are often times the icebreakers and soothers.

Certification entails a mastery of specimen collection, infection control, medical safety standards, healthcare jargon, and clinical blood work.

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Arizona College
Program: Medical Assistant With Phlebotomy
Location: 4425 W Olive Ave # 300
Glendale, Arizona 85302
Phone: (602) 222-9300

Phlebotomists are essential to the medical field, as their contributions, compassion, and expertise go toward diagnosing and treating diseases, illnesses, and disorders. Associated with drawing blood, the phlebotomist position is so much more. Students enrolled in this 35-week program will learn how to interact with compassion and understanding when it comes to patients who might be nervous, scared, or upset. Phlebotomists are the soothers – the icebreakers for patients dealing with the not-knowing that could come from needing blood work done for health purposes.

Graduates of this extensive program are recommended for, and encouraged to, pursue national certification upon completion. Phlebotomy training can serve as the end-all, ultimate career goal, or graduates can take their education a step further, using work as a phlebotomist as a stepping stone to a higher position in the medical profession. Most of this program combines training and clinical work as a phlebotomist and a medical assistant.

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Arizona Medical Training Institute
Program: Phlebotomy Technician
Location: 1530 N. Country Club, Suite 11
Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480) 835-7679

This 240-hour program is an extensive commitment to becoming a phlebotomist and learning how phlebotomy enhances and defines various medical fields. Students will learn how to draw blood, of course, but they will also learn how to interact with a plethora of patients that differ in moods, as well as how to secure specimens with minimal to no pain to patients.

Beginning with a 40-hour eLearning curriculum, this phlebotomy training program delves into 6 chapters of a medical textbook, giving phlebotomists-to-be a taste of medical jargon and strict safety procedures. These eLearning courses quickly transition into 5-week classroom segments, before students will be expected and required to clinical externship assignments of 100 hours of clinical practice.

After working closely with a medical professional during clinical experiences, students must complete 120 unaided specimen collections to receive a formal graduation. Graduation signals the beginning of a career as a certified Phlebotomy Technician.

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Phoenix College
Program: Phlebotomy Training
Location: 1202 W. Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85013
Phone: (602) 285-7777

In the medical field, phlebotomists are the bridges between patients and other healthcare professionals. These hardworking medical experts are trained to soothe patients of varying moods, as well as quickly, efficiently, painlessly gather blood and other specimens for the healthcare labs.

This program is designed to help those interested in phlebotomy move forward in their hopes of becoming phlebotomists. There are variances of this course, as each is accommodating for busy students who need to plan around their everyday schedules. Students will learn how to successfully obtain bloodwork and other specimens through skin puncture or venipuncture, as well as the proper techniques for collecting from elders, adults, infants, and children.

Upon completion of this phlebotomy training program, students should be able to demonstrate their learned techniques and facts on an extensive national certification exam. This exam will certify the students as professional phlebotomists for working in a slew of healthcare settings.

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Yavapi College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
Location: 1100 East Sheldon Street
Prescott, Arizona 86301
Phone: (928) 445-7300

Becoming certified as a phlebotomist on a national level requires training, experience, skill, and acquired medical expertise. This course offers all of the above, as students are taken through 9 hours of phlebotomy course work, including an internship with Allied Health Services. While students will learn basic phlebotomy skills, they will also gain interpersonal knowledge, learning how to interact with compassion towards patients who might be nervous, anxious, uncooperative, or scared.

Phlebotomists-to-be should be able to safely collect and process bloodwork and other patient specimens upon completion of the phlebotomy training program. During the internship, students will learn to manage medical records, using keen organizing skills and clinic systems to keep patient histories in order for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

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Pima Community College
Program: Phlebotomy Certificate
Location: 4905 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85709
Phone: (520) 206-4500

Boasting flexible classes that can be accommodating for students with busier schedules, this phlebotomy training program is designed for individuals who wish to pursue an entry-level position in the medical and healthcare fields. Phlebotomists commonly find work in medical centers, clinics, healthcare labs, and doctor offices, while working to further their education into higher paying positions in the medical career.

This program features the 12-14 credits required for phlebotomists-to-be to take the national certification exam. This exam, if completed successfully, certifies students as full-time phlebotomists, capable of working stepping stone positions in the healthcare field. While in class, students will learn about the Foundations of Phlebotomy, the Safety Standards in Phlebotomy, and the Professional Practices in Phlebotomy. They will also be required to participate in Phlebotomy Laboratory Practices, as well as a Clinical Internship in Phlebotomy.

After graduation, students will have the option of continuing their education toward mid-level positions.

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Reviewed on April 7, 2019