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Bossier Parish Community College
Program: Cert. of Technical Studies In Phlebotomy
Location: 6220 East Texas Street
Bossier City, LA 71111
Phone: (318) 678-6000

The BPCC Phlebotomy Technical Studies Program keeps students in the loop about requirements, learning, changes in schedule, and the process of becoming a phlebotomist. After completing this program, students are encouraged to take the national phlebotomy certification exam within 2 years after graduating from the course. If graduates fail to take the exam within the 2 year time period, they must take a refresher course on the basics and functions of phlebotomy to be eligible to retake the certification exam.

Students of BPCC phlebotomy training program will learn how to perform proper, safe skin punctures and venipunctures, while keeping patients calm throughout the drawing process. The proper collection of bloodwork and specimens will be explained extensively, and students will be asked to complete a number of tests, quizzes, and hands-on clinical experiences before receiving a passing grade in each phlebotomy course.

The aim of this training program is helping students become well-trained, reliable, compassionate phlebotomists, capable of working in medical offices nationwide.

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South Arkansas Community College
Program: Phlebotomy/EKG Program
Location: 300 South West Avenue
El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 862-8131

Often times, phlebotomists are the icebreakers – the bridges between a relaxed, calm patient and the doctors and nurses, especially in Emergency Room settings or walk-in medical clinics. Patients rely on phlebotomists to be careful, safe, and compassionate, as many patients are fearful of needles or getting blood drawn. Aside from collecting specimens, phlebotomists have the job of being soothers to those anxious patients, getting them to feel relaxed and cared for before their health histories are handed over to on-call nurses and doctors.

This phlebotomy training program place immense emphasis on being compassionate towards patients, as well as learning how to draw specimens with minimal to no pain. This course required a maximum of 15 credit hours to be completed before students can attempt the national phlebotomist exam.

Students will learn the basics of phlebotomy, such as medical terminology, venipuncture, and safe processing and transporting of bloodwork. They will also be required to complete successful collection of 100 venipuncture specimens before receiving the OK to proceed with their phlebotomy certifications.

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Phillips Community College
Program: Phlebotomy Program
Location: 1000 Campus Drive; P.O. Box 785
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
Phone: (870) 338-6474

Equals in the medical field, phlebotomists use their bloodwork expertise and compassionate, caring demeanors to put patients at ease, while collecting required specimens for patient health records. While drawing blood is a part of being a phlebotomist, as is running required blood tests for a complete patient work-up, the most important aspect of being a phlebotomist is being able to interact well with patients who are sometimes scared, nervous, or anxious.

This phlebotomy training program is a two semester course that prepares students for the national phlebotomy certification exam. Students of the course are encouraged to follow up the classes with an internship at local clinics to gain hands-on medical experience, overseen by professional phlebotomists and long-term medical staff.

As a condition of becoming a phlebotomists through the exam, students must submit to substance abuse tests, as well as a background check before working in a respected clinical practice.

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National Park College
Program: Phlebotomy Technical Certificate
Location: 101 College Drive
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 71913
Phone: (501) 760-4222

UPDATE: Please contact NPC to see if they are currently offering their Phlebotomy certificate program.

Phlebotomists are commodities in the medical field. Bloodwork tests have grown in complexity, making phlebotomy a must-have for those interested in breaking into a medical career. This program offers students the chance to learn through classroom conversations and lessons, as well as hands-on clinical experiences. Practicing on each other and volunteers, students must complete an allotment of specified hours before being deemed OK to proceed with the national certification exam.

This phlebotomy training program teaches students how to draw blood, process and analyze bloodwork, detect certain diseases, and interact with patients of varying moods. After graduating and successfully passing the national phlebotomy certification exam, new phlebotomists are free to pursue careers in medical clinics, doctor offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and outpatient healthcare centers.

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Southeast Arkansas College
Program: Phlebotomy Technology
Location: 1900 Hazel Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71603
Phone: (870) 543-5900

Requiring a High School Diploma or GED Equivalent, this one semester phlebotomy training program is an introduction into bloodwork and patient care. Students will learn the basics of phlebotomy, such as blood collection, specimen gathering and handling, venipuncture, and safe, proper transport and processing. Compassion is pushed as one of the must-haves here for becoming a phlebotomist, as many patients are scared of needles, or anxious about getting blood drawn.

Students are required to complete laboratory experiences to gain hands-on phlebotomy skills during the semester. After graduation, for a chance to work in the medical field, graduates may apply to take the national certification exam. Upon completion and successful passing of the exam, new phlebotomists will be able to work in hospital laboratories, clinics, outpatient centers, and doctor offices.

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Reviewed on July 30, 2015