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Cincinnati State
Program: Phlebotomy Technician Porgram
Location: 10100 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: (513) 569-1643

The phlebotomy Technician Program of Cincinnati State preps students to become highly valued phlebotomy professionals. They are trained in the collection of blood specimen for patients and clients alike for the goal of analysis in the laboratory. Through the program, students will have hands-on and in class training in all attributes of collecting blood. Along this line, the students are also trained to collect blood safely and effectively through venipuncture.

Among the various training and lessons offered in the program are: development of skills and techniques to execute puncture procedures, hands on training for specimens, procedures for collecting blood, anatomy and physiology, medical terms, and other laboratory work and class lessons.

The total program consists of 90 hours of lab and lecture. Once the program is completed successfully by the student, he or she can become a certified Phlebotomist Technician by taking the test provided by the National Healthcareer Association.

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Cuyahoga Community College
Program: Laboratory Phlebotomy
Location: 2900 Community College Avenue
Cleveland OH 44115
Phone: (216) 987-4247

The course on Phlebotomy provided by Cuyahoga Community College is a short term certificate program. It is designed to train and educate students to procure blood samples skillfully in various environments. This skills oriented program is comprised of:

• 8 weeks of clinical and hands-on experience within a medical clinic or hospital setting
• Introduction to human biology
• Training in aseptic techniques
• Learning various medical ethics
• Familiarizing with medical terms
• Getting skilled in the special techniques of blood collection
• And an overall introduction to blood collection and all related topics

The phlebotomy curriculum offered by Tri-C is endorsed by the governing body, NAACLS which stands for National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

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Columbus State Community College
Program: Phlebotomy Training
Location: 550 East Spring St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 287-5353

At Columbus State Community College, we have a two semester phlebotomy program where the student’s skills in phlebotomy practices and theories are honed within the clinical environment, campus lab setting, and within the classroom environment. After successfully completing the two semester course, the student is awarded with a phlebotomy certificate that allows him or her to practice as a first level phlebotomist in any medical setting. If the student plans to work outside the state, he or she will need to take the national certification test which is governed by an outside agency. However, to fully complete Columbus State’s phlebotomy program, students are not required to take the national test.

Within the first semester of the phlebotomy program, students work on skills and practice of blood collection within the campus lab. They will also be exposed to an outpatient setting during to let them experience the various techniques of blood collection and patient types. During the second semester, it will be a continuation of the student’s exposure within the inpatient clinical environment.

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Ohio Medical Career College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician Training
Location: 1133 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd, Suite 110
Dayton, OH 45417
Phone: (937) 567-8880

The role of a phlebotomy technician is to draw patient blood for collection and further analysis in the lab. Phlebotomists are also tasked to carry out pathology tests, blood tests, and blood transfusions.

Within the program offered by Ohio Medical Career College, topics are covered in an in-depth manner. A quick list of topics covered is:
• Interpersonal communication
• Ethical practices
• Additives and equipment
• Infection control and universal precaution
• Biohazards and infectious diseases
• Arterial blood gases
• The process of coagulation
• The cardiovascular system’s anatomy and physiology

Aside from these topics, the students are also trained in phlebotomy practices and techniques like:
• Taking a blood culture
• Vacutainer
• Capillary puncture
• Butterfly venipuncture

Phlebotomy Technician programs are offered for 3 weeks for day classes and 6 weeks for night classes. Upon completing all requirements of the phlebotomy program, the student is awarded with a phlebotomy certificate. If the graduate wishes to be certified nationally as a phlebotomist additional licensing can be obtained by taking an exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association.

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Lorain County Community College
Program: Short-term Technical Certificate
Location: 1005 N Abbe Rd
Elyria, OH 44035
Phone: (800) 995-5222

The phlebotomy program is a short term technical certificate offered by the Lorain County Community College. As a certified phlebotomist, you will be trained to obtain blood specimen from patients and carry out micro skin punctures for the main goal of analysis and testing.

As a graduate of the phlebotomy program, students are well trained and prepared to be competent as a first level phlebotomist in doctor’s office laboratories, private laboratories, clinics, and in hospitals. In order to be eligible for enrollment in said program, LCCC requires potential students to have an American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification. And if the student plans to enroll more than 6 credit units in a semester, then the student needs to join the orientation course.

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Rhodes State College
Program: Phlebotomy Certificate
Location: 4240 Campus Drive
Lima, Ohio 45804
Phone: (419) 995-8320

Those who want to take up phlebotomy need to enroll in a certificate program designed to train students in the practice of this field. Aspiring phlebotomists are required 6 to 10 weeks to finish the training program with 42 hours and 120 hours of classroom and clinical training respectively.

The Rhodes State College, located in 4240 Campus Drive in Ohio, offers a phlebotomy certificate program recognized by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) which is the leading agency that certifies phlebotomists. When enrolled in this program, students need a total of 9 credit hours which included the courses in Medical Terminology, Phlebotomy Principles and Practice, Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum and Introduction to Laboratory Science. The courses are taken concurrently or separately during the semester.

The Rhodes State College only limits 20 students per semester to have a good teacher to student ratio. Students who complete the courses are legible to take the ASCP Phlebotomy Technician examination to become licensed phlebotomists.

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Reviewed on December 20, 2017