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Moraine Park Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
Location: 235 North National Avenue
Fond du Lac, WI 54936
Phone: (800) 472-4554

The Moraine Park Technical College offers a well-rounded experience to its students by offering over 100 career options. One of the career options that they offer is the phlebotomy technician certificate. The program is offered in November each year.

This three-course certificate program helps prepare aspiring phlebotomists by teaching them comprehensive skills in venipuncture and laboratory analysis. The course program usually takes over two semesters. The first semester is dedicated to classroom instruction while the second semester is dedicated to clinical laboratory training. Both the classroom and laboratory training has a total of 7 credits. The last course places students at clinical sites so that they can perform supervised clinical practicum.

The cost of the program is $112.85 per credit for residents while out-of-state residents need to pay $188.80 per credit. Upon completion of the program, the students can take the national certification exam offered by the Board of Certification.

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Blackhawk Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician
Location: 6004 S County Road G
Janesville, WI 53546
Phone: (608) 758-6900

The Blackhawk Technical College prides itself in providing top-notch education programs in Wisconsin. One of the technical courses that the school provides is the phlebotomy technician program. This course program trains the student to become an efficient member of the clinical delivery team by teaching the students comprehensive knowledge and skills in venipuncture.
The course program is a two-semester diploma that is comprised of 18 total credits. The best thing about the phlebotomy technician training at Blackhawk Technical College is that students have the option to further their career by proceeding to an associate degree.

Aside from classroom instruction, the school also focuses on laboratory training followed by clinical practicum at an affiliated healthcare facility where students gain experience on how to handle situations under different settings. Once students finish the course program, they can take the national certification exam so that they can work as licensed and certified phlebotomy technicians.

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Madison Area Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Training
Location: 1701 Wright Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Phone: (800) 322-6282

The Madison Area Technical College provides life-long learning opportunities to students. The best thing about this school is that it is located in a prime area in Wisconsin thus making it accessible to many students.

One of the technical programs offered by the school is the phlebotomy training program. The course program is a two credit course that includes introduction to phlebotomy and laboratory techniques. Both of the courses should be taken within the same semester.

Students who want to be admitted in this program need to at least finish high school. Moreover, students should also have health insurance coverage due to the high-risk nature of the program. Once the student finishes both classroom and laboratory training, they are placed in daytime clinical rotations for their supervised practicum.

Students need to maintain a grade of C or better in order to graduate from the course. Once they have completed the course, they can take the national certification exam to become certified phlebotomist technicians.

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Mid-State Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician Technical Diploma
Location: 2600 West 5th Street
Marshfield, WI 54449
Phone: (715) 387-2538

The Mid-State Technical College provides the changing educational needs of students within Wisconsin. The school offers a wide variety of technical programs to students from all walks of life. One of the programs that MSTC offers is phlebotomy training.

The phlebotomist graduates from MSTC are in high demand across the country. The phlebotomy training program is a one-year diploma program that arms students with the knowledge and skills to become competent phlebotomists.

The course program has a total of 17 credits of classroom instruction followed by a 3 credits of laboratory and 5 credits for clinical training at an affiliated healthcare institution. Students are required to manage their time so that they can complete the credits within a year.

Students who complete the course program can take the national certification exam provided by the National Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science. On the other hand, they can use the program to further their career by advancing to other medical laboratory careers.

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Milwaukee Area Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Diploma
Location: 700 W. State Street
Milwaukee WI. 53233
Phone: (414) 297-6282

The Milwaukee Area Technical College is considered a premier tech college that empowers the lives of students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the technical programs that it offers is the phlebotomy training certificate.

Since 2012, this particular curriculum is a one-semester course that teaches students skills and practical applications of the science of phlebotomy. The students not only learn from classroom and laboratory instructions, but they also acquire experience at healthcare facilities.

The program has 18 credits and you might need to take pre-requisite courses before you can proceed with the others. The program was approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences thus you you can be assured that the curriculum follows the standard.

Once students complete the program, they are automatically eligible to take the national certification exam. They can also proceed to higher education by taking up an associate degree in medical technology so that they will have better work opportunities in the healthcare sector.

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Northcentral Technical College
Program: Phlebotomy Technician
Location: 1000 W. Campus Drive
Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: (715) 675-3331

With a Phlebotomy Technician Technical Diploma, a graduate student is well-trained in blood collection. Not only that, the graduates are also well-versed in communication and ethics, basic laboratory skills, specimen processing, and in collection of non-blood samples. Since part of a phlebotomists’ job is to work with patients directly, skills in customer service is also highly valued and is thus included in the training.

At Northcentral Technical Center, aside from lectures and hands-on phlebotomy lessons, a 100 hour clinical is also included in their phlebotomy program. This program is endorsed by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). As a graduate of the program, the student can opt to take the national certifications exam to become nationally certified as a phlebotomist and can work anywhere in the country.

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Reviewed on July 30, 2015