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What Certifications Are Used For Higher Pay For Phlebotomists?


Answer: Obtaining your phlebotomy certification after completing an approved program from an accredited phlebotomy school is the first step in not only increasing your pay, but opening up more job opportunities.

Keep in mind that certain states require certification before you can even perform on-the-job phlebotomy services. In these states, certification is a must, rather than a carrot you can dangle in front of employers to increase pay.

To further increase your pay beyond what your typical certified phlebotomist would earn, you might want to consider completing a 2 year or 4 year degree for a medical position such as nurse or clinical lab technologist.

With a degree you can potentially earn double the average phlebotomist salary.

You can learn more about a phlebotomists salary and how to maximize the pay on our Phlebotomy Salary page.

Reviewed on July 30, 2015