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Phlebotomy Practice Test


Take our phlebotomy practice tests below to increase your knowledge and better gauge whether you're ready to take the certification test.

Each test is made up of 25 multiple choice questions for a combined total of 75 questions. You will receive your final score upon completion of each test.

Are you ready?

Click on a test below to begin:

*Tip: Download all 3 practice tests to print or study offline below.

When you're done here, check out our Phlebotomy Brain Games! These phlebotomy inspired games are not only an effective learning tool, but they are loads of fun!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the NCCT, NHA, ASPT, ASCP or any other phlebotomy certification agency, nor do we guarantee you will pass your certification exam after taking our practice tests. Our phlebotomy practice tests should be treated as a study tool. If you have any questions please contact us!

Reviewed on January 8, 2018